Discover the advantages of the tampons of the new generation.
No woman of today can feel that having her period is particularly pleasant. Even without the - only too frequent - physical discomforts, menstruating all too often gets in the way of daily life and of cherished pursuits. You know: the weekend you were looking forward to is spoilt, once again, by your being unable to take part in sports, to go swimming, or to visit a sauna. And, maybe worst of all, during menstruation, sexual intercourse very often looses all its attractions.

The greatest safety
The development of the Gynotex Soft-tampon is powered by the very latest scientific data from gynaecological research. Thanks to their special composition and unique action, they can remove a large proportion of all these inconveniences.

For example, during sexual intercourse, this new tampon will not get in the way at all, of neither partner. Besides, their absolute safety will give every woman the freedom to go swimming, visit the sauna, and so on. Whichever physical activity she engages in, she will never feel the Gynotex Soft-tampon she is wearing.

The best hygiene
The basic principle of the Gynotex Soft-tampon has been known for centuries. From the 18th century, for example, there are reports of women using tiny natural sponges during their period. But in those days, there was little knowledge of hygiene, and less attention paid to comfort. Infections were thus frequent.

All this has changed. In our day, scientific knowledge and research have radically improved the old idea. They have brought modern materials, sterilized production processes, hygienic packaging: in short, nothing is left to chance. Comfort and hygiene at your service!

The optimum tolerability
The Gynotex Soft-tampons are made from sponge materials that are absolutely free of poisonous chemicals, and friendly to the environment. This means that they can not, and will not, cause irritations of the intimate body cavities. Each tampon weighs only 2 grams. Its capacity of absorption is vastly superior to the average traditional product.