The Gynotex Soft-Tampons are hygienic and separately packed. The purpose of the tampon is to close off the cervix. This makes intercourse during the period possible and hygienic. The Gynotex Soft-Tampon is a comfort for working women as well as for those active in sport. The tampon is also very useful for a visit at sauna and pool. The only condition is that the tampon is rightly placed.

Directions for use:

1 Wash cour hands thoroughly before you start and before removing the Gynotex Soft-Tampon. (fig.1)

2 Take the Gynotex Soft-Tampon out of its blister packing by tearing away the top from bottom side. (fig.1)

3 The easiest way to insert the tampon is in standing position with one leg placed on p.e. a chair. (fig.2)

4 Place the middle finger in the centre of the flat side.

5 Open with the other hand the labia and push the tampon into the vagina until it is in firm contact with the cervix. (fig.3).

6 It is possible to wear Gynotex Soft-Tampons during eight ours. However it is recommendable to change the tampon between four and six hours. (fig.4)

7 The tampon can be removed by using the index and the middle finger as tweezers. In case this happens to be difficult it is advised to squat. The depth of the vagina lessens this way. (fig.5)

8 Don’t use Gynotex Soft-Tampons during pregnancy without consulting your doctor. (fig.6)

Use the Gynotex Soft-Tampons only once. Re-using can lead to serious problems.

During menstruation, the rare Toxic Shock Syndrome may occur. If during this period you experience a high temperature fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, fainting or a burning skin rash, you must immediately contact your doctor and inform him you are having your period. It is advised to remove the tampon as a precaution. The rare Toxic Shock Syndrome can occur with the use of all varieties of dry tampons. Again, check regularly if the tampon is removed in time.